We offer design and consultancy services in Interior and Landscaping. Check below for more details of our services.


Interior Design Services

Our use of diverse styles and designs to spruce up your interiors adds value to your space, making your house into a home.
We recommend a wide choice of interior design services that include space planning and management, storage solutions, color and design schemes suiting your house, project coordination, outdoor landscaping and indoor finish, furniture and wall designs, artifacts, etc. Our span of work includes defining a thorough interior layout plan, specifications of furniture, the craftsmen and number of people involved in making your space come alive.


Interior Consultative Service

Here we may not have the power to execute the design as it will be outsourced however we make sure that our design provides you with the perfect sense of style and comfort. We prepare a detailed layout of interior work that includes paper drawing and designing of the house or commercial space that will give you a fairly accurate idea of how your house will finally look.
Be it a Bungalow, Apartment, Studio Apartments, Luxury Villas, etc. we have the answer to all your requirements.


Turnkey Solutions

Our team is involved in offering some highly cost effective and innovative turnkey projects in and around Pune. Our solutions have highly overwhelmed our clients and customers who come from commercial, corporate or industrial backgrounds. All these suggestions are made keeping in purview the current trends and Vastu or Feng Shui as some prefer.


Commercial Project Services

A commercial project is quite different from a residential project and requires a lot of time and perfect utilization of space. Times are changing and so is the taste of the commercial owners; hence we make sure that the design meets your requirement along with leaving you space and scope of expansion, if required in the future.
Be it retail offices or shops, showrooms, restaurants or lounges our design services will make sure that you have the perfect place that you call your Own.

Create something beautiful.

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